We stock a large range of quality and Austrailan-made Kitchen Sinks, from suppliers such as Clark, Everhard and Tasman Sinks (Oliveri).

A key element in designing your dream kitchen is the kitchen sink! With so many designs and products available the choice of sinks may seem endless but it does all come down to style, size and budget. One thing to take into account when choosing a sink is the product of the bench it is being installed in, as this can sometimes limit the sink choice. For example a standard kitchen bench is produced with a laminate finish, this product will take most style sinks but not an under mount sink which is designed to only be fitted in a solid surface like granite or one of the many reconstituted stone finishes.

Sinks are readily available for all budgets, with your basic kitchen sink available in a standard stainless steel finish, these come in all bowl and drainer configurations (for example, single bowl double drainer, one and three quarter bowl, single drainer…) and can be fitted to all kitchen bench types. Quite often Kitchen sinks come with a range of accessories as an inclusion or additional purchase, these include but are not limited to, chopping boards, colanders, drainer trays.

For those people who are chasing that extra bit of individuality in their kitchen you could consider one of the following sink finishes:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Gunmetal
  • Bronze

Also granite sinks are available in Black and White (often a reconstituted granite product) with one company even doing a red sink! Butler's sinks to suite the traditional farmhouse look are also available as well as smaller round bowls or single bowl sinks for the ever popular scullery.


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